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FUEL Power-Link “ONE” Modular Lighting System

FUEL Power-Link “ONE” Modular Lighting System

Power-Link “ONE” – Perfect for small to large Chandeliers. This powerful system can output 2100ma of power which is distributed over the series of FUEL Bulbs in your chandelier. Since the Power-Link unit can be dimmed, it can be used in all size chandeliers but it is recommended for chandeliers with 6 or more Bulbs.


Call our office at 604-420-3881 or stop by and talk to us about this interesting new little system we have in stock.

Fluoros & Fixtures

Here at the Lighthouse we strive to provide you with as many options as you need to fulfill any purpose you may need our lights for.

Here you will find our selection of Fluorescent bulbs and the fixtures that house them.


Should you require a price quote on our fluoros, feel free to call our office @ 604-420-3881.  Prices may vary according to Wattage, Temperature and type of Bulb as well whether you wish to purchase or rent.


Straight Bulb Length & Temperature

6 inch 2GII 5000K

8 inch 2GII 3500K

8 inch 2GII 4000K

8 inch 2GII 5000K

8 inch T2 3000K

8 inch T5 3200K

8 inch T5 4100K

8 inch T5 DL 5

12 inch T5 DL

12 inch T5 4100K

16 inch T5 3200K

16 inch T5 4100K

16 inch T4 DL

18 inch T4 DL

18 inch T5 3200K

18 inch T5 4100K

18 inch T5 DL

18 inch T8 3200K

18 inch T8 4100K

18 inch T8 5000K

18 inch T8 6500K

18 inch T8 15W Globe

18 inch T8 Alto DL

18 inch T8 DL

18 inch WW

18 inch T8 Blacklight

18 inch T12 3200K

18 inch T12 3500K

18 inch T12 4100K

20 inch T4 DL

20 inch T5 3200K

20 inch T5 4100K

2 Foot 2GII 2800K

2 Foot 2GII 3500K

2 Foot 2GII 4100K

2 Foot 2GII 5500K

2 Foot T8 Blacklight

2 Foot T12 Blacklight

2 Foot T5 3000K

2 Foot T5 3200K

2 Foot T5 3500K

2 Foot T5 4100K

2 Foot T5 5000K

2 Foot T5 6500K

2 Foot T8 20W

2 Foot T8 3000K

2 Foot T8 3200K

2 Foot T8 3500K

2 Foot T8 4100K

2 Foot T8 5000K

2 Foot T8 8900K

2 Foot T12 2900K

2 Foot T12 3000K

2 Foot T12 3200K

2 Foot T12 4100K

2 Foot T12 5000K

2 Foot T12 5500K

2 Foot T12 6500K

2 Foot T12 TL

2 Foot T12 Utility

3 Foot T5 3000K

3 Foot T5 3200K

3 Foot T5 4100K

3 Foot T5 5000K

3 Foot T5 6400K

3 Foot T5 6500K

3 Foot T8 3000k

3 Foot T8 3200K

3 Foot T8 3500K

3 Foot T8 4100K

3 Foot T8 5000K

3 Foot T12 3200K

3 Foot T12 4100K

3 Foot T12 5000K

3 Foot T12 5500K

3 Foot T12 7500K

3 Foot 3000K

3 Foot 3500K

3 Foot 5000K

3 Foot DL

3 Foot 6500K

3 Foot T12 Utility

3 Foot T12 Blue

4 Foot 3000K

4 Foot 3500K

4 Foot T4 4100K

4 Foot T5 3000K

4 Foot T5 3200K

4 Foot T5 4100K

4 Foot T5 5000K

4 Foot T5 6000K

4 Foot T5 6500K

4 Foot T8 3000K

4 Foot T8 3200K

4 Foot T8 3500K

4 Foot T8 4100K

4 Foot T8 5000K

4 Foot T8 5500K

4 Foot T8 5600K

4 Foot T8 6500K

4 Foot T8 Blacklight

4 Foot T8 5500 Kino

4 Foot T8 3200K Visions

4 Foot T8 High Out

4 Foot T8 3200K Movietone

4 Foot T8 3200K Kino

4 Foot T8 3200K Kel

4 Foot T12 Blacklight

4 Foot T12 Tungsten

4 Foot T12 3200K Prem

4 Foot T12 Durotest 3200K

4 Foot T12 Actinic

4 Foot T12 3200K Kel

4 Foot T12 4100K TIZ

4 Foot T12 2900K Kino

4 Foot T12 3200K Kino

4 Foot T12 5500K Kino

4 Foot T12 3200K

4 Foot T12 3500K

4 Foot T12 4100K

4 Foot T12 5000K

4 Foot T12 5500K

4 Foot T12 5850K

4 Foot T12 6500K

4 Foot T12 7500K

4 Foot T12 Green

4 Foot T12 Blue

4 foot T12 Phantoms

4 Foot T12 Specralite

4 Foot T12 TL

5 Foot 3500K

T8 U-FluoroTube 4100K

T12 U-FluoroTube4100K



Circle Tubes 

8 inch Circle Tube DL

8 inch Circle Tube DX

8 inch Circle Tube 2700K

8 inch Circle Tube 3000K

8 inch Circle Tube 4000K

8 inch Circle Tube 4100K

8 inch Circle Tube 6500K

10 inch Circle Tube 3500K

12 inch Circle Tube DL

12 inch Circle Tube 3000K

12 inch Circle Tube T5 3500K

12 inch Circle Tube 4100K

16 inch Circle Tube 4100K




Fluoro Fixtures

8 inch T5 Trapezoidal Bi-Pin

8 inch T5 Circular Bi-Pin

8 inch T5 Rectangular Bi-Pin

12 inch T5 Trapezoidal Bi-Pin

12 inch T5 Circular Bi-Pin

12 inch T5 Tri-Pin

16 inch T5 Trapezoidal Bi-Pin

16 inch T5 Circular Bi-Pin

16 inch T5 Rectangular

16 inch Tri-Pin

18 inch T5 Circular Bi-Pin

20 inch T5 Rectangular Bi-Pin

25 inch T5 Rectangular Bi-Pin

26 inch T5 Tri-Pin

26 inch T5 Circular Bi-Pin

26 inch T5 Trapezoidal Bi-Pin

2 Foot T5 Circular Bi-Pin

2 Foot T5 Rectangular Bi-Pin

2 Foot T5 Trapezoidal Bi-Pin

2 Foot T5 Tri-Pin

3 Foot T4 Circular Bi-Pin

3 Foot T4 Rectangular Bi-Pin

3 Foot T5 Trapezoidal Bi-Pin

3 Foot T5 Rectangular Bi-Pin

3 Foot T5 Circular Bi-Pin

3 Foot T5 Tri-Pin

4 Foot T4 Circular Bi-Pin

4 Foot T5 Circular Bi-Pin

4 Foot T5 Rectangular Bi-Pin

4 Foot Trapezoidal Bi-Pin

4 Foot T5 Tri-Pin


Asterabox LED Pixeltubes & Charging Case

Asterabox LED Pixeltubes & Charging Case

New in shop.

AX1 is a powerful pixel controllable LED RGBW baton that can be mounted at event and film sites to light up people and objects or create indirect lighting effects. A highly creative device that offers an infinite range of possibilities!

Comes with a Charging Case, Remote Control via Tablet Provided, 8 LED Batons & Stands, as well as accessories to hang or mount the batons however you see fit.

Call our office to get any further information @ 604-420-3881