Misc Bulbs

Misc Bulbs

Here at the Lighthouse we offer a wide range of bulbs from many different brands.  Here you will find our miscellaneous bulbs that we carry in house.  Give us a call in our office @ 604-420-3881 to get a quote on rentals and purchases.

Candelabra Base Bulbs

25W GLOBE Medium Clear Bulb

25W Medium Frosted Bulb

40W Medium Clear Bulb

60W STANDARD Frosted White

Misc bulbs

BriteArc 2500W HMI Studio Lamp

Osram Metal Hallide Optic Lamp

EYE 35W Dichro-Cool

Osram 1200W Metal Hallide Optic Lamp

Christie Xenon Short Arc Lamp

Wolfram 575W Tru-Arc

Osram 2000W Halogen Optic Lamp

Osram 4000W Metallogen HMI

1000W Sodium

400W Sodium

60W A-19

100W Sodium

150W Sodium

175W Sodium

400W Large Sodium

1000W Small Sodium

1000W Frosted Sodium

1000W Frosted Sodium 1/2


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