FUEL LED Modular Lighting

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FUEL Mini LED Candles

FUEL Mini LED Candles

The Micro-Light System is a 100% Modular System that consists of a series of components that can be combined to create many different lighting systems.

If you are looking to create the ambiance of candlelight without the mess of wax or risk or flames, the FUEL Mini-Link Candles are a good substitute.

With our kit, you will receive:  1 LED Candelabra Bulb, 1 Mini Link Base, 1 Charger base


Rental Price: $45.00/wk  or $10.00/day


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Width 3
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FUEL Modular Lighting & Bulb System

FUEL Modular Lighting & Bulb System









Power-Link "ONE" - Perfect for small to large Chandeliers. This powerful system can output 2100ma of power which is distributed over the series of FUEL Bulbs in your chandelier. Since the Power-Link unit can be dimmed, it can be used in all size chandeliers but it is recommended for chandeliers with 6 or more Bulbs.


Package includes:  1 Power-Link Base, 2-prong plug converter, 10 LED Candelabra Bulbs, 1 Steel wire support cable.

Rental Price - $130.00/wk   or  $30.00/day

Important Tech Notes...

-  Power-Link units CANNOT power any traditional Bulbs you can buy at the store

-  Due to the high output power, you should take care not to over-drive the FUEL bulb if using less than 6 in any chandelier. When using less than 6 Bulbs, you should dim the unit to 70% or lower to prevent damage to the bulbs.

-  When powering any amount of FUEL Bulbs in a single chandelier at full Intensity, the runtime is 10 hours.

-  As a brightness comparison - If you power a 6 Bulb Chandelier at full intensity, it is equivalent to six 35 watt incandescent filament bulbs.

-  The Power-Link is a 14v system and will need its own charger to recharge the internal Lithium Battery.

Height 0
Width 3
Depth 6.25

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