FUEL Modular Lighting & Bulb System

FUEL Modular Lighting & Bulb System









Power-Link "ONE" - Perfect for small to large Chandeliers. This powerful system can output 2100ma of power which is distributed over the series of FUEL Bulbs in your chandelier. Since the Power-Link unit can be dimmed, it can be used in all size chandeliers but it is recommended for chandeliers with 6 or more Bulbs.


Package includes:  1 Power-Link Base, 2-prong plug converter, 10 LED Candelabra Bulbs, 1 Steel wire support cable.

Rental Price - $130.00/wk   or  $30.00/day

Important Tech Notes...

-  Power-Link units CANNOT power any traditional Bulbs you can buy at the store

-  Due to the high output power, you should take care not to over-drive the FUEL bulb if using less than 6 in any chandelier. When using less than 6 Bulbs, you should dim the unit to 70% or lower to prevent damage to the bulbs.

-  When powering any amount of FUEL Bulbs in a single chandelier at full Intensity, the runtime is 10 hours.

-  As a brightness comparison - If you power a 6 Bulb Chandelier at full intensity, it is equivalent to six 35 watt incandescent filament bulbs.

-  The Power-Link is a 14v system and will need its own charger to recharge the internal Lithium Battery.

Height 0
Width 3
Depth 6.25

Quantity: 2