Film and Television Estimates and Budgets

Over the years one thing I always found unfortunate, for both production managers and technicians, was during early pre-production and initial estimate budgeting, it was too early to hire a grip or a gaffer or that the crew to be hired was unavailable (on another show).  At this point production has to rely on the director of photography to create a list of requirements for their style and locations or unbuilt studio sets. The problem that often arises from this situation is that the DOP, although very creative and well versed in photography, may not possess the technical ability to accurately budget the locations, or the endless details involved in a large studio build.  With over 30 years experience, and supported by my team of electricians, riggers and set wiremen, we would like to offer our budget and planning services to your production.  We are hired on a contract basis and work unaffiliated, unless required, to provide a variety of equipment and manpower options for all budgets big or small.  We are happy to work directly with your DOP or before they start to help you get a general idea of what a certain studio rig or location set may cost. Our one day consultation is $200 complete with follow up report or budget.  Extensive studio or show planning may also be requested and can be quoted to you based on your specific requirements. Thank You for considering the lighthouse and Bucky’s Legendary Lighting for your budgeting needs.